Re: Encrypting using RSA private Key

No, that is a violation of how RSA is intended to be used, so Windows
prevents you doing that. You sign and decrypt with the private key, not

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"Jeronimo Bertran" <jeronimo.bertran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Is it possible to encrypt using the RSA private key and decrypt using the
public key? I am able to do the opposite but when I try to decrypt using
the private key I get a "Bad Key" Exception. Here is an example:

rsa = new RSACryptoServiceProvider();
RSAParameters publicKey = rsa.ExportParameters(false);
RSAParameters privateKey = rsa.ExportParameters(true);
byte[] testPlainData = new byte[] { 0x01, 0x02, 0x03 };
byte[] enc = rsa.Encrypt(testPlainData, false);
byte[] plain = rsa.Decrypt(enc, false);

enc = rsa.Encrypt(testPlainData, false);
rsa.Decrypt(enc, false);

The first encryption and decryption work fine. The second encryption
(using the private key) seems to work but the decryption using the public
key throws the exception.




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