Re: network share security - mscorlib


Thanks for the info.

My opinion has been that CASPOL takes effect on the machine it is executed
So, I have believed that it needs to be run on the workstation, rather than
the Server.

After you have finished your testing, can you please post your conclusions?



Barry Flynn
Complete Solutions DG

"louis" <louis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Barry -
Thanks for the suggestion. I check my system and the item you suggested
already un-checked. I believe I fixed the problem several days ago by
running the caspol tool on the fileserver itself. I had been running it
the workstation. We are still testing to see if this solved the problem.

"Barry Flynn" wrote:


I have had a similar experience to yours - although possibly not exactly
Some time ago, I issued a CASPOL command on a machine, and was then able
(a) write VB 2005 code where the source code was on the network, and (b)
the resulting .exe's from the network.

Then I lost both abilities.
I hadn't used that machine to do DotNet stuff for a couple of months -
when I did try I found I had security problems in both areas.

A few days later, in Windows Explorer, I right-clicked a zip file on the
network, and got a message about "this page has an unspecified potential
security risk".

I looked that up on the web, and found a suggestion about changing an IE
In Internet Explorer,
- go to Internet Options / Security
- click on Local Intranet
- Click the Sites button
A window should pop up saying "automatically detect intranet?"
Turn OFF that "main" option, but leave the other three options checked.

A "help link" in that area of Internet Explorer appeared to confirm that
changing that setting was a good idea.

It seems to have fixed my problems.


Barry Flynn
Complete Solutions DG

"louis" <louis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have used the caspol tool and tried to set security for the network
but still getting errors containing:
"System.Security.Permissions.UIPermission mscorlib" and
The program is a small exe created with VB 2005 - runs fine in the IDE,
fine on another Win XP pro machine (with the exe on a network share on
2003). The PC it gives the errors on is my development PC - again,
trying to run from the network share. Since the "mscorlib.dll" is on
local PC, there must be some setting that caspol does not fix. I have
researched this to death and tried all sorts of settings to no avail.
is really way too difficult for client/server applications.


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