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Hi, all!

I'm currently working on a .NET development project in which I'm
trying to figure out how to utilize makecert.exe, in order to issue a
pair of X.509 certificates for testing out the authentication scheme
of the solution. So far, however, I've not succeeded in providing the
makecert utility with a proper set of parameters, as makecert seems
work in mysterious ways and responds with a "Too many parameters"
error message no matter how hard I try to come up with an acceptable
set of parameter values. In the following I've provided an example of
my latest command line struggle to get makecert generate the
certificates I need:
In order to generate self-signed root certificate:

makecert -sv c:\SignRoot.pvk -cy authority -r c:\signroot.cer -a sha1
n "CN=Another Test Certification Authority"
This command just fine. However, when I try to generate a server
certificate for my IIS, utilizing makecert and the "root" certicate
generated by the listed above works in the following way,

makecert -iv c:\SignRoot.pvk -ic c:\signroot.cer -cy end -pe -n
"CN=Another Test Server Cert" -eku -a sha1 -ss My -
sr currentuser -sky exchange

I run into yet another extremely annoying "Too many parameters" error
message. Are some of the options I'm using mutually exclusive or
Any help on this issue would be highly appreciated.
Regards, Trond

Just install Standalone Certificate Server and use it to generate your
test certificates - it will make your life so much easier ;)