RE: ADAM with 2.0 RoleManager

I had a similar problem - worked fine when viewed using built-in web server
with VS2005 but not thru IIS (Error : The system cannot find the file

Turned out to be a permissions problem. Following the instructions meant
that my local account had admin rights to the ADAM instance but ASPNET had
none (even though ASPNET had admin rights to the AzMan store within ADAM).
Fixed using ldp tool to add necessary Security Descriptor to the ADAM
1) ldp from ADAM command prompt c:\WINDOWS\ADAM\ldp
2) Connect localhost
3) Bind (as currently logged on user)
4) View tree (OU=SecNetPartition,O=SecNet,C=US)
5) Right click Advanced > Security descriptor
6) Click in DACL list, click "Add ACE"
7) Trustee: machinename\ASPNET user (Read property, List, List object, Read
8) OK, Update
That's the long (secure) way round if you've followed the instructions in
the article.
Short way is when you are creating the ADAM instance at Step 1. (12) of the
article (ADAM Administrators), to specify a group that includes the ASPNET
account eg Users rather than the Administrators group.

"Jaz" wrote:

I got answers
Error : The system cannot find the file specified
Verify you have the Correct ldap Queury
Error: Parameter InCorrect
Verify the AppGroup Exists
Error: Insufficient Priveleges
Verify User has acess to write to the Application ex you can Add
Authenticated Users to Delegate User Group

Hope this helps to someone