Re: Generating RSA key with different public exponent

unfortunately, in your case you'll need to generate keypair yourself.

BTW: 3 is a tricky public exponent. If you use 3 as public exponent you
have to be sure that you use OAEP for encryption and PSS for signature.
Also you have to be absolutely sure that you or your partners don't
have implementation errors. Daniel Bleichenbacher is continiously
demonstrating attacks on buggy implementations with exponent 3 on PKCS
1.5 padding since 1998. This year, on Crypto 2006 he has demonstrated
how to manually forge sighature with exponent 3 and a buggy verifier,
that he has actually found at least one open source implementation
having a bug allowing the attack. Daniel is trying to convince people
to stop using RSA keys with exponents of 3. Even if your own
implementation is not vulnerable to this attack, there's no telling
what the other guy's code may do. And he is the one relying on your


Kris wrote:
I need to generate RSA keys using a different public exponent from the
default one used by the RSACryptoServiceProvider (65537, {1,0,1}). The
reason I need to do this is that I am currently writing software which
communicates with a device that annoyingly assumes the public exponent
of the 1024 bit modulus you send it is 3 (non-configurable on the

Does anyone know if this is possible using the .NET crypto classes or
am I doomed to write a lot of code to generate keys myself?

Many thanks

Kris Sheglova