Dotnet 2.0 PCKS CheckSignature Error


I am extracting a pkcs7-signature part from a s/mime message. When I
verifiy the signature I get a CryptographicException "The hash value is
not correct" .

I am using CheckSignature(true), therefore it should verify signature
only and not worry about the certificates.

This message was generated from webmethods by our customer.
Any idea where the problem could be.

I have checked the following.
The decoded object has 3 certificates in the chain.
It has 1 signerinfo object
However the SignedCms.ContetInfo has a content of zero bytes.

I am leaning to this as the issue. But what could cause the content to
be zero. The sender of this message has successfully sent this type of
messages to others. I am assuming the input s/mime data to be correct.

Could there be any issues decoding WebMethods generated PCKS #7 object
in dot net 2.0?

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated.

- Vijay


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