TLS Problem in Jabber Cllient

Hi there,

I've a problem using TLS for XMPP protocol in a jabber client I'm developing...
if anybody has experince with such things,

after some XMPP protocol messages between the client and the server, the client should negotiate TLS protocol..
C: Client Hello
S: Server Hello, Certification, Hello Done
C: Key Exchange..
S: Key Exchange, Negotiation Done..

I used like this :
SSLStream sslStream = new SSLStream(netStream);
sslStream.AuthenticateAsClient("", null, Protocol.TLS, false);
I tried "" instead of that and I tried "true" instead of that "false"... still the same error which is :

the client sends his first Client hello, the server replies with that triple message.. then the SSLStream throws exception that says "Wrong Packet Format"

Thanks for ur kind help...

Haytham Alaa,
ACM ASCIS Vice President,
Faculty of Computer and Informtion Sciences,
Ain Shams University,