Re: Encrypt elements in XML file

maybe this article helps:


I'd like to be able to encrypt certain elements of an xml file which i
use in one of my applications. I found the following link of the msdn
website which looks exactly like what i want to do however i'm getting

The link suggests that this method is used by apps wanting to store
encrypted data between the times that it runs.
The encrypt part works really well, the problems start when i try to
implement the decrypt code provided via the link at the foot of the
page. I
always get the exception error "unable to retrieve decryption key".
Has anyone used this code and could give me any ideas as to what i'm
doing wrong. I wondered if it was to do with creating a new
RSACryptoProvider when the program is started which does not match
with the first running of the application (although thats me clutching
at straws :) ).

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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