Re: WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Token cannot be used when remoting?

regardless of the version - you cannot transfer tokens across the network - they only have a meaning in the machine where they were created.

In addition this would mean that you extend the trusted subsystem to the client, which defeats the purpose of network authentication.

I want to be able to retrieve user information on the server of my
app... What I did is the following : I called
System.Security.WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Token and sent it to the
(via remoting). When I try to recreate the WindowsIdentity using the
server-side, it tells me the Token is invalid even if the server app
is on
the same computer (same windows, same all) than the client app.
Is there a way I can do what I need to do? I mean, be able to retrieve
the user infos (groups) using something I can send through network?
(ideally encrypted)

I've also seen in the same object, the property .User (that contains
the User SID on the NT Network). Is there something to do with this
value so I can retrieve the user it belongs to and get the groups (or
roles) it's in?