Re: Windows Firewall

I think you need to check in case some malicious software has got on board,
but the setting for ICMP echo (The ping command responder) is on by default
I think. In fact blocking ping is not strictly in accordance with the
internet rules. Some think it is more secure if your machine does not
respond to ping but that is arguable really. The FW should not turn itself
on or off like this so check some of the links below.
SpyBot Search and Destroy
Microsoft Antispyware
Ad Aware
Important - LSP-Fix

Be aware that using either of these to actually remove spyware can result in
some programs refusing to work, in other words "Free" programs that you
downloaded on condition you accepted ads and so called "Research" may get
broken and you might want to uninstall them first. Some spyware actually
breaks Windows trying to force it's way in and you should arm yourself with
LSP-Fix before starting in case you lose internet connectivity.


"Emile" <Emile@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
When I restart or log back on, my Windows Firewall turns off. I have
checked into the advanced tab and in the ICMP settings, and it has "Allow
incoming echo request" checked. This seems suspicious to me because I am
sure if this is a ligit setting. Is there something that I can do to
my firewall from turning off?



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