Framework 2.0 vs Framework 2.0 SDK problem

Hi there,

I have an application with exists out of 1 exe with lots of referenced
The application is on a shared network drive, and then started from the
client. It'is made an compiled in VS 2005 and running on Windows XP
machines with SP2 and the latest updates.

The executable works fine on the clients where VS 2005 is installed
or where the Framework 2.0 SDK is installed.
I know that SDK is a part of VS 2005 so it is the SDK which makes
the difference.

The security settings are set to full trust on all machines with a script
with caspol.

When the application is started from a client with only framework 2.0
installed, there is an error after the exe program tries to call code
from a referenced dll.

The error is:

The type initialiser for .... (my DLL name) ...... threw an exception.
When I install the Framework 2.0 SDK on the client the application
works fine.
So I assume the SDK installs a missing part or does something
with security.

Does anyone have a clue, or hopefull a simular experience, with this???

Thanx, Dikbill The Netherlands (dikbill666@xxxxxxxxxxx)