More SSL questions

A couple of issues I'm having:

I'm only enabling SSL for a "Secure" directory under my web app's root
directory - not the entire web site. I use forms authentication for
~/Secure/Logon.aspx - my logon page and this resides in my SSL enabled

My web site redirects a frame to display the ~/Secure/Logon.aspx. I added a
/NotSecure/SSLRedirect.aspx and setup IIS to use this page for 403;4 custom
error only for my Secure directory. I also added the Location path entry in
my web.config for the SSLRedirect.aspx and also authorization setting.
However, when I navigate to the I get "You are not
authorized to view this page" in the frame that should be displaying my

Since I am using forms authentication (on my Secure directory), I'm assuming
that multiple Location entries in my web.config is Ok?

Any hints on how to make SSL work on part of web site (my Secure directory)
using forms authentication and not for the entire web site?

thanks, Rob.

"Nicole Calinoiu" <calinoiu REMOVETHIS AT gmail DOT com> wrote in message
You might want to start by reading then posting
back here if you have any remaining questions.

"Rob R. Ainscough" <robains@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've successfully installed my Verising SSL pro certification on my web
server, but I'm not sure how to force IIS to use SSL on my deployed web
app residing on that server?

Any hints?

what I currently have is works but issues a security
warning from IE but my site still functions as normal. also works and I see the secure lock icon in IE
(with no prompt this time). I think what I want is that
will automatically get redirected to https:// - Am I missing something

How do I get my web app to know that only the directories below my root
should be SSL? I realize my forms authentication will prevent login
access, but how do tell my IIS web server that .aspx pages in this dir
are SSL?

Basic questions I know, any help is appreciated -- I've not configured
SSL web server before.

Thanks, Rob.


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