Sending encrypted login using frame source

I've got an aspx file that constructs the login credentials, encrypts
the login and opens the constructed URL in a frame source (background
login into an external domain). This used to work (August 2005). Then
development was halted and we are just getting back to it. It no longer
works - my credentials don't appear to be authenicated. But, if I view
source and copy/paste the constructed URL into the browser location, I
am authenicated successfully.

I tried changing the aspx code to do a redirect instead of a frame
source but we are using opener.callback functionality to continue with
some scripting logic when the window closes. The redirect losses the

Nothing has changed in the code on our side or the third-party side (or
so I'm told). Is there any explanation for why a URL in a frame source
would not authenicate the same as a opening a brower window with that
URL as the location?

Thanks and have a great day!

-- ProgrammingInLansing

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