Re: RSA - Public vs. Private Keys

maybe this helps:

Dominick Baier - DevelopMentor

I'm running into a dilemma. I"m trying to encrypt a message on one
machine, and have it decrypted on another machine (say, the target
application). But, I don't want the keys to be 'hacked' very easily.
This is a small amount of info, and so I thought RSA sounded

My idea was to take a message, encrypt it using RSA, and dumping the
BASE64 to a flat file (or config file, actually), and then having the
application (which is not connected on the net) to read the file,
decrypt the message and then utilize the info in it. This is a
one-time message.

Problem is, is that RSA provider seems to only want to Encrypt with a
Public Key and Decrypt with a Private key. Now, the RSA standard (P
and Q) doesn't require this, right?! I should be able to swap these,
as in, encrypt with a private key and decrypt with the public one. I
can't send the private key to the target machine, since when you
export parameters, you *must* include the public key as well, even
though you don't need it!

Has anyone experienced this? Or have a work around?

"Take a simple message, encrypt it asymmetrically, and have the
message receievd on the target machine without that machine being able
to alter the message with any information it has)"?


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