RE: bad encryption

the 16 bytes most probably come from the padding. search for PKCS#7 - this describes the algorithm in detail.

why is this unbearable?

Dominick Baier - DevelopMentor


I've not encountered this, so perhaps others will be able to tell you
why it is happening.

You may find it easier to use the cryptography application block that
is part of the Microsoft Enterprise Library Application Blocks. Here
is a description of the best practice that they offer, and also
instructions for its use.

I've recommended this for for clients when implementing symmetric

Hope this helps

Chris Seary

"Erez Mor" wrote:

hello experts
i'm new to encryption so please...
i think i've tried every piece of code out there that claims to
encrypt/decrypt files
the common thing about them all(and that is strange...)
is that the proccess changes the file (in fact it adds 16 bytes to
it, no
matter if i encrypt or decrypt)
that of course is un bearable
can anyone point me to the problem? last sample used is with a
RijndaelManaged stream, for all that matters
thanx a lot