Re: Can't access Process.Modules from my win form.

It's likely that the user account under which you are running the
application does not have sufficient privileges to access processes run
under other accounts. (Specifically, it is probably missing
SeDebugPrivilege.) If your application is truly meant to enumerate modules
for all processes running on a machine, then you will need to run it under
an account with sufficient privileges to do this. However, any account
should be able to access its own processes so, depending on what your
application is meant to do, simply restricting the processes it attempts to
access may be an appropriate solution to the access denial issue.

"John Fang" <tsodofu@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm trying to create a simple Process View. But when I'm accessing
Process' Modules proeprty, I get a access denied error.

How do I get around this code access security restriction?