Re: Issues With User Control Embedded Into Web Page Since Installing .NET 2.0

could this apply to you?

Dominick Baier - DevelopMentor

Hi Dominick,

thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm definitly sure that I'm using the 2.0

Any other ideas?


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are you sure you are using the 2.0 versions of caspol, fuslogvw
e.g. caspol -s off will not turn CAS off anymore in 2.0 -

also all policies defined in 1.1 will not apply to 2.0 code

Dominick Baier - DevelopMentor

I have a rich Forms UserControl which is embedded into a web page.
Since installing .NET 2.0 on the clients, the control stopped
loading completly.

- I disabled security completly using caspol -s off => no effect
- I enabled fussion logging => no single entry generated
- I enabled the IEHost log => nothing created
- Changed to another client machine => same issues, same results
- I started writing a new UserControl from scratch and deployed it
same server. The control could also not be loaded.
I deployed the same test project to another 2003 server in the same
domain, with equal patch levels (SP1 and latest patches installed)
it worked.
Perhaps a naming issue?

- I tried to change the names => no result
- I compared the HTTP requests to the different server => nothing
I have no other clue where to start searching!
- The issues stated above are reproducable from any client, such it
be a server or framework issue.
- I even have a customer which experienced the same problems
- The problem exists for two completly different client applications
Any help appreciated.


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