Re: Issues With User Control Embedded Into Web Page Since Installing .NET 2.0

Hi Dominick,

thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm definitly sure that I'm using the 2.0 tools.

Any other ideas?


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are you sure you are using the 2.0 versions of caspol, fuslogvw etc..??

e.g. caspol -s off will not turn CAS off anymore in 2.0 -

also all policies defined in 1.1 will not apply to 2.0 code

Dominick Baier - DevelopMentor


I have a rich Forms UserControl which is embedded into a web page.
Since installing .NET 2.0 on the clients, the control stopped loading

- I disabled security completly using caspol -s off => no effect
- I enabled fussion logging => no single entry generated
- I enabled the IEHost log => nothing created
- Changed to another client machine => same issues, same results
- I started writing a new UserControl from scratch and deployed it to
same server. The control could also not be loaded.
I deployed the same test project to another 2003 server in the same
domain, with equal patch levels (SP1 and latest patches installed) and
it worked.

Perhaps a naming issue?

- I tried to change the names => no result
- I compared the HTTP requests to the different server => nothing
I have no other clue where to start searching!

- The issues stated above are reproducable from any client, such it
be a server or framework issue.
- I even have a customer which experienced the same problems
- The problem exists for two completly different client applications
Any help appreciated.


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