Re: recording MSN conversations

The biggest danger here is turning the computer into a war of wits instead
of a useful learning tool. In reality she, or her friends, will come up with
ways to undo anything you do quite quickly so you need to decide what your
concerns are and confront the situation head on.

If you think she may be heading into trouble with web based predators almost
everyone here will do what they can to help with advice on how to avoid
falling victim. Mostly this involves not giving too much info. If this is
your concern show her and try your own
number.... this illustrates why you should not give out household phone
numbers :) Don't know if it's still there but the site used to have a trick
where you could then list all your neighbors names and addresses too:)

There's also some stuff that can be guessed. The date on this post is 11:01
am and you used the web interface to the newsgroup which gives a private IP
address... also known as a reserved address. My guess is you posted from
work. I may be wrong but if I can persuade you to hit this link I might get your public address
which has a good chance of pointing me to at least the town you live in. (In
fact that link only shows you the address, not me, but it could do both.)

In any case there are tools that someone can use to discover this
information even if the above don't work, and by piecing together such
apparently disconnected information one can get quite a lot of info. She is
more than old enough to be made aware of these risks, although she probably
already knows.

If you are concerned about her falling into what one might call "Bad
company" there is a limit to what you can do. If you find some dubious
"Chats" and challenge her about them you may unwittingly push her closer to
the bad company - it happens. When my parents told me "No" but didn't
explain why it only made me more determined to do it :) Mind you they also
told me I'd never make any money messing about with electronics and I guess
they have been right about that, I never have really made a profit at it :)

Most kids have a keen sense of "Privacy", seeing the older generation as
prudish and over cautious... my suggestion would be to first try persuading
her to "Beat" you by saving the chats herself and saying "Look, see, there's
nothing going on". Sure you won't see all of them, only the ones she wants
you to see - there'll still be some chat that's too personal for parents,
but you want to keep doors open not close them. Once closed they tend to
stay closed for good.

You can always stop the use of the computer altogether if she gets uppity
about your questions, but the first thing I'd try is to all sit down
together and collect come links about how to stay secure in chat, how to
secure the machine from viruses and spyware and how to keep the software
updated. Make it a family deal and then leave her to it... she may think
"Thank God they're gone" but the important thing is that she is likely to
remember the experience.

Technically there are some ways you could achieve what you originally wanted
but how well you could hide it depends more on her skills than yours or ours

I'd push the point that it's about her safety and security and that it's
very easy to let a few small things slip that someone can put together...
Most people she will meet on chat will be okay but the danger is real enough
too. I think it's a bit over emphasized, but you are right to be concerned
and after all you are only doing your job as a parent.

Anyway, that's my view and no doubt you will get others. You chose a good
place to ask because a lot of us have been there and done that :)

Good luck,


"Concerned Parent!" <Concerned Parent!@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
message news:AEA3E179-4541-4528-92D2-0F86585B9352@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> we need to record all msn conversations on our 15 yr old daughters PC, we
> suspect she keeps turning off the "save messages" option. if possible we
> would like to do this discreetly without her knowledge.
> Can anyone please help with advice how to do this????????


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