Web.config Help

From: Peter Avalos (petera_at_proexam.org)
Date: 10/28/05

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    Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 14:58:09 -0400

    I am trying to configure a set of access rules for a subfolder in my
    project. The folder is a subfolder in the application folder and cannot
    read the dll file in the application's bin folder. How do I propertly tell
    the compiler in the Web.config file used in the sub folder where to find the
    application's dll? I tried the following to no avail:

    <compilation defaultLanguage="vb" debug="true">
        <add assembly="D:\My Web Projects\application\bin\EPPP.dll"/>

    It seems like the compiler still can't find the dll. Can anyone help me
    out? And if it's a matter of adding the assembly to the GAC can anyone tell
    me how to properly do this? Is there anyway to this without putting the
    assembly in the GAC?



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