Re: How to verify an end certificate

From: Kim Hellan (
Date: 10/19/05

Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 09:31:48 +0200

Thank you!
That seems to work fine in a WinForm testapplication.

I will now try and test it in a webform app. There are often problems with
certificate stores when running in the IIS process.


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> .NET 1.1 requires use of Pinvoke.
> Here's one way to do it:
> - Mitch Gallant
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> "Kim Hellan" <> wrote in message
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>>I got an X,509 end certificate where I need to verify the issuer of the
>> The issuer certificate is installed in the Trusted Root Certification
>> Authorities store in Windows.
>> How can that be done using either Framework 1.1 directly or WSE 2.0.
>> Thanks!
>> /Kim