IsInputKey and embeded user control
Date: 10/10/05

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    Date: 10 Oct 2005 09:35:29 -0700


    I have a .net user control which has the IsInputKey overriden to catch
    keydown events of arrow keys. When I embed this user control in a web
    page hosted in a iis server and try to open it through internet with an
    internet explorer client with the .net framework installed I receive an
    error and the .net control is not loaded.

    The user control works correctly if:
    1. I remove the IsInputKey function
    2. I keep the IsInputKey function but open the web throught local
    network, not throught Internet.

    It seems that the .NET Framework does not consider the funcion
    IsInputKey security enought to be called when you open an embeded user
    control from outside your local network.

    But then... How can I catch the keydown events of the arrow keys??

    Any help would be appreciated.


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