Re: does .NET connect to Internet to verify digitally signed assembly certificate?

From: Nicole Calinoiu (calinoiu)
Date: 05/18/05

Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 14:29:01 -0400

Windows, not .NET, will attempt to verify the CRL for an Authenticode-signed
assembly. (This has nothing to do with strong naming.) It is possible to
disable this behaviour globally, but not for any single assembly. Since
global disabling of the verification on a given machine is hardly unlikely
to be desirable, you basically have no way to stop this behaviour as long as
your assembly has an Authenticode signature.

"D.Z. Simpson" <> wrote in message
>I am developing a winforms control which is strong-named and digitally
>signed . My customers complain that the control connects to the Internet
>when it is loaded, but I am sure my code doesn't do that. So my question is
>whether the .NET runtime does that, probably to check whether the digital
>certificate is valid ?
> Thanks