Re: Access Denied

From: Nicole Calinoiu (calinoiu)
Date: 05/13/05

Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 08:09:24 -0400

I doubt that this is a privilege issue. It's more likely to be related to
NTFS permissions on required files and/or registry keys. Running filemon
and regmon ( is likely to be your best bet for
pinpointing any such problems. If you can't detect any pertinent problems
using these tools, might you be able to answer the following questions:

1. Do you see the same problem when attempting to use Excel instead of
2. What version(s) of Access is installed on the machine?
3. Do you see the same problem after attempting the following sequence: log
onto the machine as the domain user account used for the service, launch
Access interactively, reboot the machine, log on as the normal machine user,
then attempt to run the service?

"KLomax" <> wrote in message
>I have built an Windows Service, and I am getting an [Access Denied] error
> when I execute the following line.
> Dim AcApp As Access.Application = New Access.Application()
> The Service is Logged on as a Domain.User.
> If I give this user Local Administrator rights, then it works.
> However, I do not want to grant this user account administrator rights.
> Does anyone know if, or what, security policy might be disallowing a
> service
> to Instantiate MSAccess unless the user is an administrator?
> Thanks in advance.
> Ken