RE: IIS "secure communications"and "certificate" sections disabled.

From: GoCMS (
Date: 03/23/05

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 10:23:01 -0800

Thanks! I got it. ( thought the link for list of authorities to issue
certificate doesn't really work for the last step. )

Anyway, about the web service authentication, here're the 3 ways I can think
1. Use IIS IP restriction. Only allows certain IP to access service.
2. Use Certificate. This involves a fee to get the certificate for server
and client.
3. Use WSE2.0, web service enhancement toolkit. This can only be used when
server and client are both using .net framework 1.1, both have to install the

Am I understanding it right? What're the pros and cons of the approaches?
And... are there any other ways?
I am now writing my service in .net, and my intended client is using java on

Thanks a lot!

"GoCMS" wrote:

> Hi, there:
> This might be a newbie question. I want my web service to require a
> certificate to access, so I go to IIS my virtual directory property and
> Directory Security page. I found the "secure communication" secion including
> "Server certificate" button are both greyed out. I wonder why that is. I'm an
> admin user of the computer. Did I miss some OS component or something?