RE: ildasm

From: Joseph MCAD (
Date: 03/20/05

Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 15:21:02 -0800

   March 19, 2005

      There is no way to restrict ildasm, unless you restrict the NTFS
permissions on the assembly itself. This is the only way I can think of. I
don't think that solves anything, however, because I assume everybody can
view my code after I deploy my application. This is the reason why you
shouldn't put any database connection strings or keys in Constants (or
anywhere for that matter) in your code. Constants can easily be viewed with
reverse engineering. Hope this helps and you can always use an obfuscator to
make reverse engineering harder. (and remember "harder" does not mean
"secure") Good luck!

          Joseph MCAD

"vhoward" wrote:

> hi,
> i use compact frameword and c# to program on pocket pc
> is there a way to prevent user to examine constant in a .exe using ildasm ?
> thanks in advance