Re: AddDomain with FullTrust

From: Joel Lucsy (
Date: 03/04/05

Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 15:09:58 -0500 wrote:
> The short answer is yes.
> - Kurt

Well, in short, you're wrong, or at least I'm not seeing the behavior
you described. The unmanaged host shows the exact same behavior as
running the assembly directly, i.e. it throws a security exception for
the native p/invoked library. If I grant the right zone permissions,
both work, managed and unmanaged.
I could be writing the unmanaged host wrong, but I'm not seeing a full
trust/no trust dichotomy. I'm doing the standard CorBindToRuntime,
CreateDomain,ExecuteAssembly. I'm suspecting that I need to create the
Evidence, or perhaps SetAppDomainPolicy, but so far I can't get it work.
So, does anyone have any examples of "opening" the permissions instead
of further restricting them?

Joel Lucsy
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