Re: Check group member ship or a user

From: Sameh Ahmed (
Date: 02/21/05

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 12:46:35 +0200

the usual thank you:)

"Joe Kaplan (MVP - ADSI)" <> wrote
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> Just out of curiosity, what version of .NET are you using? Early versions
> of 1.0 had a bug where IsInRole was case sensitive.
> The other thing I'd suggest is using reflection to troubleshoot the
> problem by accessing the private _GetRoles method on WindowsIdentity. A
> quick Google search should turn up some sample code that shows you how to
> do it.
> Joe K.
> "Sameh Ahmed" <> wrote in message
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>>I am on a local administrator on a stand alone machine, did not try it in
>>a domain environment.
>> how do you format the group name in your code?
>> Regards
>> Sameh
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>>>I have only gotten IsInRole to work against local groups when I have been
>>>logged in as a local machine user, rather than as a domain user. I don't
>>>know if that is by design or a bug (feature).
>>> HTH
>>> DalePres
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>>>> Well I use IsInRole to check windows built-in Roles
>>>> what I want to do is to check if the current principal is a member of a
>>>> local group called "Mygroup" for example.
>>>> below is what I got from the MSDN
>>>> [Visual Basic]
>>>> Overloads Public Overridable Function IsInRole( _
>>>> ByVal role As String _
>>>> ) As Boolean Implements IPrincipal.IsInRole
>>>> I tried "machinename\groupname", "groupname" and it returns False all
>>>> the time.
>>>> what am I missing here?
>>>> Regards and thanks for your time
>>>> Sameh
>>>> "DalePres" <> wrote in message
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>>>>> Look up the IPrincipal.IsInRole() method. You would use the
>>>>> WindowsPrincipal implementation for WindowsForms or the
>>>>> User.IsInRole() implementation for WebForms.
>>>>> DalePres
>>>>> "Sameh Ahmed" <> wrote in message
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>>>>>> Hello there
>>>>>> Is there a way through dotNet to check if a certain user is a member
>>>>>> of a specific group?
>>>>>> I use ADSI to get the memberships of the user then compare them to
>>>>>> the group I want to check, but this way the user has to be a member
>>>>>> of this group directly and if he is a member of a group that is a
>>>>>> member of that group he will not be considered a member of the group
>>>>>> I am checking although he is implicitly.
>>>>>> so basically what I need is a method that takes the user name and the
>>>>>> group name and check if this user is a member both implicitly or
>>>>>> explicitly.
>>>>>> Any ideas?
>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>> Sameh