Authorization/Profile App Block, AzMan and fixed identity account

From: Phil Knight (
Date: 10/18/04

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 03:25:30 -0700

I have a problem using the Authorization and Profile Application Block in
conjunction with the AzMan provider and an xml based store. While everything
works fine when the application is running as ASPNET, I need to run the
application under a fixed identity using
<identity impersonate="true" userName= ... />
If the fixed identity account is given administrator rights (which we
obviously don't want!), again everything works fine. However, as soon as I
revert to an account with (I hope) the same permissions and privileges as
ASPNET, the following code in the authorization block:

AzAuthorizationStoreClass store = new AzAuthorizationStoreClass();
store.Initialize(0, azManStore, null);

throws a
System.ArgumentException: The parameter is incorrect.

A trace using Filemon seems to suggest the account is missing some required
10:23:43 aspnet_wp.exe:2068 OPEN D:\AuthManagers\ProjectManagement.xml *
0xC0000061 Options: Open Access: 01000000

But I have no idea what that privilege is or how I can go about pinning it
down. The account definitely has access to the xml file and, as far as I can
see, the same permissions and privileges as the ASPNET account .

Can anyone shed any light?


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