UserControl inside IE can't connect to MSSQL

From: mifko (
Date: 08/17/04

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 07:59:03 -0700

Hi there,
I have a problem and don't know what to do.

I created UserControl in VS.Net 2003 and I tried to open it in Internet
explorer with object tag. Because this UserControl tries to connect to MSSQL
server and select some data, I got an error saying:

The application attempted to perform an operation... Request for the
permission of type System.Data.SqlClient.SqlClientPermission, System.Data.

Well, this was really surprise for me so I started to search with google and
found a lot of posts saying that I have to change settings in .Net

I did. But it seems, that I could only change settings for My_Computer_Zone.
For LocalIntranet_Zone there are two predefined setting and even though I
added a new group of settings which allows my assembly Everything, problem
still remains.

So, is there any possibility to change LocalIntranet settings? Have anyone
idea how? Or for security reasons this is not allowed and will never be?

Thanks in advance.