Re: Signing a manifest without using XMLSign

From: Paul (
Date: 08/06/04

Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 13:20:29 -0400


You can use the X509CertificateStore object from WSE 1.0
(Microsoft.Web.Services.Security.X509) to open the desired cert store and
extract your cert. Then assign the cert key to an RSA object from

 Dim sCertSubject As String
 Dim oStore As X509CertificateStore
 Dim oCert As Microsoft.Web.Services.Security.X509.X509Certificate = Nothing
 Dim oCerts As X509CertificateCollection
 Dim oKey As RSA
 Dim xmlManifest As XmlDocument
 Dim signedXml As SignedXml
 Dim refManifest As Reference

 sCertSubject = "some subject string"

 ' get the key from the cert store
 oStore =

 ' find the subject
 oCerts = oStore.FindCertificateBySubjectName(sCertSubject)

 ' make sure you found the cert you were looking for...
 If oCerts.Count > 0 Then ' Obtain the first matching certificate.
  oCert = CType(oCerts(0),
 Else ' No certificates matched the search criteria.
  ' throw an exception, etc...
 End If

 ' close the X.509 certificate store.

 ' create the RSA object and assign the cert key
 oKey = oCert.Key

Now use the SignedXML object to create your signature...

 ' load the XML into a DOM
 xmlManifest = New XmlDocument

 ' create the SignedXml object and assign the key
 signedXml = New SignedXml(xmlManifest)
 signedXml.SigningKey = oKey

 ' add Reference, transformation, envelope, etc. to the signed XML node per
your requirements...
 refManifest = New Reference
 refManifest.Uri = ""
 Dim env As New XmlDsigEnvelopedSignatureTransform
 Dim trans As New XmlDsigC14NTransform

 ' add KeyInfo object per your requirements...
 Dim keyInfo As New KeyInfo
 keyInfo.AddClause(New RSAKeyValue(oKey))
 signedXml.KeyInfo = keyInfo

 ' calculate signature

 ' get signature from SignedXml object
 Dim xmlDigitalSignature As XmlElement = signedXml.GetXml()

 ' add the signature element to the orginal manifest xml using AppendChild,
InsertAfter, etc...


 - Paul

"Scott" <> wrote in message
> Anyone have an idea how to sign a manifest.xml file with an X.509
> certificate without having to use that buggy XMLSign utility?

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