Re: cleanup of data from memory

From: Hernan de Lahitte (
Date: 07/08/04

Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 21:09:07 -0300

I just posted a SecureString class (like the Whidbey countrerpart) but for
You will found classes for ProtectedMemory and ProtectedData (wrappers for
the DPAPI functions) as well.

Hope this help.

Hernan de Lahitte
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"Srini" <> wrote in message
> By using all the security APIs and encryption algorithms we are able to
encrypt the data.
> What about the following scenario?
> After we encrypt the data we release the BYTE[] or memory stream or
something else without doing anytihng to the memory conatined by them. What
if some other process gets that memory later on ond because the
un-encrypted(confidential data)
> is stil sitting there in that memory that new process has gotten access to
our data. Is there a specific procedure that we need to follow(is it the
application responsibility to reset the memory contents bofore it releases
it)? or does the OS clean/reset the memory before it allocates it to some
other process?
> Is there anything in .NET to prevent this from happening.
> Thanks for the help.
> Srini