Re: How do I store secrets?

From: Jonathan Pierce (
Date: 07/06/04

Date: 6 Jul 2004 09:00:20 -0700

<Y.A.Geek> wrote in message news:<#eEwh9zYEHA.2216@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl>...
> That someone else does something sneaky doesn't mean that it isn't sneaky.
> Actually the Remotesoft guys are smarter than you and you haven't even
> realized it.


Remotesoft, like us, offers an extremely powerful obfuscator and
decompiler product.

It is probably better for you to identify yourself in these forums
since your anonymous posts usually don't contribute anything relevent
or useful to the discussion, and are more like spam email where the
author attempts to hide their identity because they do not wish to be
credible. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for filtering or
blocking newsgroup posts made by anonymous users in these public
groups, but I and many other developers would block your spam messages
if we could. It's probably better for you to voluntarily stop posting
them since it's your time and everyone else's and serves no useful
purpose other than to illicit responses from the vendors that you are
attempting to spam.

It attempts to provide the best support possible, we try to monitor
these newsgroups and offer solutions to developers who need them. Many
of the other vendors may have decided that responding to spam posts
like yours wastes too much of their available critical resources and
decided not to participate in these discussions at the expense of the
developer community.

Jonathan Pierce
Jungle Creatures, Inc.