Re: How do I store secrets?

From: Jonathan Pierce (
Date: 07/06/04

Date: 6 Jul 2004 00:42:27 -0700

<Y.A.Geek> wrote in message news:<eL0JLXuYEHA.2944@TK2MSFTNGP11.phx.gbl>...
> This is sneaky. You offer both an obfuscator and a decompiler tool and
> advertise this via newsgroups. Shame on you.

I suggest our products in newsgroups when they are directly relevant
to providing a service that solves the issue described by the user's
post. We pay for advertising seperately to search engines so that
developers who need our products can become aware of their existence.
The minimal revenue that we derive from them is insignificant relative
to their development costs, but helps justify our ability to continue
to support them and improve them to meet our customer's needs. We
intentionally priced them lower than comparable tools from our
competitors so that they would be accessible to small developers who
need them. Our customers have indicated that our products meet their
needs as developers and are far superior to what our competitors offer
including the level of support that we provide.

Decompilers are extremely useful developer tools that have many
legitinate abd legal uses. Our product also acts as a source language
translator to help you learn C#, allows you to understand
implementation classes, and also often improves your code by merging
branches, and identifying high level constructs like foreach, using
statements, etc. The other better decompiler vendors like remotesoft

I see no conflict offering tools to the developer community that serve
both markets, and in our case, our single product provides both
obfuscation and decompilation at a lower price and better quality than
any of our competitors. I also test and often provide technical
feedback to our competitors regarding their products to help them
improve the quality of all products in this market.

Jonathan Pierce
Jungle Creatures, Inc.