Re: StrongNameIdentityPermission Problem

From: Shawn Farkas (
Date: 06/08/04

Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 23:39:01 GMT

Junfeng actually got the use of one of the parameters backwards. Check out for
a more complete explanation of the StrongNameSignatureVerificationEx method, and managed code samples on using it.


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>Subject: Re: StrongNameIdentityPermission Problem
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>One possible workaround is to verify that the caller is not on the skip
>verification list.  However, this would be overkill since it could be on the
>list even if it's strongly signed with the appropriate private key.  A
>better approach is to call into mscoree.dll as described at
>BTW, as mentioned by Joe, it's also trivial to bypass
>StrongNameIdentityPermission demands by disabling CAS entirely.  In order to
>avoid this, verify that CAS is enabled (SecurityManager.SecurityEnabled) in
>_any_ context in which the demand/linkdemand should be enforced.
>"Mario Hallmann" <> wrote in message
>>I was investigating some solutions to protect my code being called by other
>> code. The StrongNameIdentityPermission class seems to fit in here very
>> well.
>> But then I found out, that it is possible to put only the public key into
>> an
>> assembly (using delay sign) and turn off assembly loading validation for
>> that public key (using sn -Vr command). If I get right everything this
>> would
>> make StrongNameIdentityPermission useless, because everybody can create an
>> assembly with my public key and then turn off validation.
>> Is there any solution for this problem or am I overlooking something?
>> Thanks,
>> Mario