Problems editing System Registry entries created by another application

From: PhCrypto (PhCrypto_at_nospam.nospam)
Date: 05/07/04

Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 09:57:55 -0400

I have been charged with writing several small executables that will help
our QA department in adhoc testing. I estimate the task of writing 4 to 6
minor apps would take one to two days, max. This estimate is based on using
MFC to get the job done quickly but since there were no restrictions I
decided that this was a good time to introduce C#.

This is what the first applet is suppose to do:

We have existing registry keys and values under HKLM\SOFTWARE, created by
our primary application. The technology used to create the keys and values
was C++/ATL/Win32.

The tester1 C# applet needs to edit the registry entries created by the
application described above.

Unfortunately when this tester1 app attempts to edit the various value
entries in the registry an error or rather exception is thrown stating that
the app doesn't have permission to do so.

This tester app is to remain within the confines of our company and is one
of several that need to be completed. How do I solve this problem quickly?