Block the debugger from seeing values of variables

From: C P (
Date: 03/17/04

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 15:44:40 -0500

I'm creating some classes that will use a strongly-typed DataSet that I'm
going to load from an XML file that I've encrypted. A 3rd party will be
using my classes, but I'd like to keep them from seeing the contents of this
DataSet. I will be sending the 3rd party my classes in a pre-compiled
assembly. What I'm not clear on is if they will be able to see the values
of the private fields of my classes in their debugger? If they can, is
there any way to prevent this? The unencrypted version of my dataset will
only be available via private/internal fields, so if I can ensure the
debugger can't read this info I think I'll be set. (BTW, I'm using C#).