Re: LocalIntranet_Zone settings override custom CodeGroup?

From: Michel Gallant (
Date: 08/15/03

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    Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 17:56:17 -0400

    If you are talking about an assembly deployed from a network share
    (and not an embedded .NET control within IE) than your custom
    child code-group should be all your clients need. You should NOT
    have to set LocalIntranet_Zone to full trust, as the code-group you
    deploy is a *union* code group. However, that code group must
    be reachable; I suggest putting your SN-based custom child code-group
    under the:
      Machine | Code Groups | All_Code | LocalIntranet_Zone | YOUR CUSTOM CHILD GROUP

     - Michel Gallant
       MVP Security

    "Greg Mitchell" <> wrote in message
    > What I'm trying to do is set up a trusted key, which would allow me to
    > sign all internal applications, and have them run with full trust in a
    > "No touch" deployment scheme, without having to hit each client every
    > time a new app needs to be deployed (yes, I am aware that I'll have to
    > hit each client once to get my security settings there in the first
    > place)
    > I can run the security wizard, and grant full trust to any assembly
    > with a StrongName that's been signed by the key, but my app still gets
    > hit with a security exception unless I also set the LocalIntranet_Zone
    > to full trust.
    > Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong here?

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