SSL issuse inthe Datagrid Control

From: Ramesh.N (
Date: 05/20/03

Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 06:22:12 -0700

Hi to all,
I create an application in
Then i set the SSL to that application.
Now that is running good in SSL.

In my aspx page I used the DataGrid control.
If i clicked any controls in side of the grid like
(paging link,Select link like that), that time the page
will be left from SSL.

A alert box was opened and the msg was
"You are about to leave a secure Internet connection.
It will be possible for others to view informatioin you
send..Do you want to continue?"
(In this case the https is in the address bar)

Now my question is,
1) Is my page in SSL or Not?
2) If Yes then what is the reason for the alert?
3) If Not then how can i passed my information securly ?

With Advance Thankx