Re: WebClient and private keys

From: Michel Gallant \(MVP\) (
Date: 04/04/03

From: "Michel Gallant \(MVP\)" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 17:00:48 -0500

If you mean "use" your private RSA key, you don't have to
move ("import") it at all. Use it from its current location.
You can use an existing capi (say RSA) keypair for use with .net
classes by simply specifying the keycontainer name associated with
the keys you wish to use in the CspParameters:
See Faq # 8 here:

How do you know what the your keycontainer name is?
You can use a variety of tools such as this utility:

or run the MS tool signcode.exe and navigate through the
panels. One shows all the keypairs and their container names.

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"Lanre Amos" <> wrote in message
> Several questions have been asked on this topic but I don't see that it has
> been answered anywhere.
> How do you import the private key into the .NET classes that accept Client
> Certificates?
> Thanks,
> Lanre.