Re: SQL2K and .NET

From: Alek Davis (alek_DOT_davis_AT_intel_DOT_com)
Date: 03/17/03

From: "Alek Davis" <alek_DOT_davis_AT_intel_DOT_com>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 12:48:38 -0800


When you are asking how to change it, does it mean that you already have a
connection string (stored in registry, .config file, etc) for a generic
account used to add logins? How are you using the connection string in the
first place? If you want to allow users to connect to the DB using their
credentials, why don't you generate the connection string on the fly? It is
not necessarily the best way of handling SQL connectivity, but if this is
what you want to do, I am wondering what the problem is.

-- Alek

"Shawn" <> wrote in message
> Hey all,
> I am relatively new to the .NET environment. I am
> creating an ASP web app that connects to SQL2K. I am
> having a little trouble with the connection string. I
> can connect to my db no problem. My issue is that people
> can log onto my website and add themselves as a user.
> How do I change the connection string to use their login
> and password? Is there something I am missing? I am
> using the sp_addlogin to add them as a user in the
> database but I could have several hundred people logged
> in at one time. I am really confused, help
> Shawn

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