Re: What are the various ways to prevent s/w piracy?

From: Michael Giagnocavo (
Date: 01/17/03

From: "Michael Giagnocavo" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 08:55:24 -0600

Well, no one has ever stopped piracy. If your code can run on their
computer, they'll change it to work whenever.

The only thing I've ever seen that actually stops some piracy is having part
of your program be a service. Then you can restrict access to your servers.

However, you can use an 'activation' system, similar to Windows XP. This
can stop some casual piracy, but any determined cracker can eventually break
that. Also, there are things called hardware dongles that you can use to
make someone have a piece of hardware installed on their computer to run
your software

Certain programs that encrypt your program can help considerably, by making
a cracker work just to get to your program bits.

Something that won't help too much is an obfuscator. Obfuscators will make
your program harder to read, which is good for protecting algorithms or
preventing useful decompilation, but when cracking a program, a cracker will
set breakpoints on known functions and manually debug your compiled code,
regardless of having nice variable names.

What exactly is your situaton?

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> What are the various ways to prevent s/w piracy?
> If I have a product developed, how can I prevent the piracy of it?
> How can enforce per seat license policy for a product?
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