reading a file from OfficeLive


There does not appear to be an active forum anywhere for OfficeLive
tech questions so I'm hoping someone here may know the answer to this.

We have an Office AddIn and in it use the filename returned by the
office app to read the file when generating a report. Word, Excel, &
PowerPoint all have variations on this problem. Here is what occures
with Excel:

1. In OfficeLive the file is -
simple test.xlsx
1. Requesting the file (1) above in a browser works!
2. Reading the file (1) above using C# in our app returns
an XLSX file that appears to be some javascript.

2. Application.ActiveWorkbook.FullName returns - simple
1. Requesting the file (2) above returns an error 505 if
pasted in a browser.
2. Reading the file (2) above in my C# code it returns
an error 501 (not implemented).

Note: we want to be able to read not just the Office files (which are
our report templates) but also XML files as data files.

I think when it is requested via OfficeLive it adds cookies named ANON
and NAP.

Any idea what is going on and what I can do?

thanks - dave
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