Re: Security Using Access with

I'm not sure, because the stored procedures used are already created, and I
don't think Access supports stored procedures, since it uses the Jet
database engine. I suppose if you wanted to decompile the dlls for the Login
controls and related classes and rewrite them to not use stored procedures
you could do that, but that sounds like more work than it's worth (and I
think you'll agree). As far as being able to save the roles, passwords,
etc., yes of course it is, it just can't communicate with the Login classes
since it doesn't support stored procedures. I could be missing some
workaround, but from what I've found this is what you have to deal with (and
since Access is almost never used for commercial websites, the Login
controls probably weren't designed to work with Access).
Nathan Sokalski

"Jan T." <MyFirstName.MyLastName@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am a newbie with and have downloaded Visual Web Developer 2008
Now, I see that using roles, it is possible to deny access to certain
pages. Those roles are
saved in a SQL Express 2008 database. Is it possible to use Access 2007
also to save roles
and passwords and so on?

Why I ask, is because where I have my website, I am offered SQL server
2008 database.
However, this is a much more expensive solution. There are just a few
persons that will log in to our
website, andI need a safe way to log in. I don't want anybody unauthorized
to see any information
in our database. (There will be say 5 to 10 persons loging in once a week
at the most).

Can Access 2007 do the job and we will be able to save money every month?

Thank you for your help!