Re: unwanted URL encoding

Both the links are same.
Welll url encoding can managed by encode / decode functions in request

On Aug 26, 2:52 am, ann <a...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am writing my first .net app in vs 2008, .net 3.5 and using IIS 6.  I am
filling an iframe with an external url that I create dynamically.  This is
working fine except for the fact that my url is encoded - in specific the &
of the querystring in my url is now &

So basically this:

becomes this:

Is .net doing this or is it IIS?  How do I disable this?  If it's .net, can
I disable at page level?  I tried ValidateRequest="false" on the off chance
it might help, but it doesn't change anything.

Any help appreciated - thanks