Re: Problem establishing SSL connection in code-behind

Reading your posts in this group, I got to know something called
"double hop".

My understanding of the so-called "double hop" is still pretty
vague. Is my situation double hop? Here is the background of my
situation (just in case):

1. Users of my web application will provide their Windows username,
password and domain to get authenticated. My login page looks like so:

Username: [ ]
Password: [ ]
Domain: [ ] <--- This is a dropdown.

2. I collect these credential fields and send them to a dummy web site
on a remote server. This dummy web site uses Windows Integrated
Authentication (WIA) only and has only one page that says "hola

3. We check the response of the dummy website. If it contains "hola
amigo", the user is considered authenticated.

Is this a typical double hop (or delegation)? It sounds like it is.