Re: Problem establishing SSL connection in code-behind

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It appears that you have the correct audits configured on the machine. The
audits being recorded are all of the security events, some of which
correspond to the web server processing logons. The 540 event is the logon
event you would be looking for and the event details should contain the
username of the user who was authenticated, the logon package used, the
source IP address, etc. The time should also match when the wfetch or .NET
code executed.

The key is to look in the details of these logon events to see if you see
anything different between what is generated for wfetch vs. .NET. That is
likely the key to the troubleshooting.

Joe K.

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Thanks. I did briefly looked into the details of those succeeded
logon events, but could not find anything that interests me. I will
take a closer look on Monday and get back.

BTW, I read your post at

in which you mentioned that what I am trying to achieve is sorta hard,