RE: Problem deploying forms authorization

Hi Haim,

From your description, I understand you're using ASP.NET forms based
authentication, and will use a custom SQL Server database to authenticate
the username/password credentials. However, you found that it start report
connection error after you move the database to a production database
server ,correct?

Regarding on this issue, as you mentioned that "this error is in spite of
the fact that my queries called in the code have ran properly on sql
server.", so you can make sure that the ASP.NET application has correctly
connected to the SQL Server database and executed query on it, correct?

Since there are many things that could be related to the problem here, I
think we'd better perform some tests to isolate the issue:

** Currently your ASP.NET application is still on the development machine
and connect to the remote SQL Server on production machine, correct?

** If you've made sure that the query has been executed on the remote SQL
Server 2005 instance, is there any other code in your ASP.NET application
that will visit a remote SQL Server machine which may return such exception?

** In the SQL profiler trace message, have you seen the expected security
identity from the ASP.NET application(as you've used <impersonate userName=
... password=...> to force impersonate)?

** You can create a console application which use the same security account
to execute some SQL scripts against that remote SQL database to see whether
it works or will report the same error.

Anyway, if will be much helpful if we can recreate the symptom under some
simplified condition.

If there is anything else I missed or you have any other finding, please
feel free to post here.


Steven Cheng

Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead


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