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Well - you could generate one-time IDs that are only valid for a short period of time - you could append these to links as a query string.

An HttpModule could check the appended IDs for validity...

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Hi all,

I'm wondering how can i prevent this scenario:

I have application , not using any kind of secuirty
models [ neither Windows Nor Forms Auth]. Client can save a complete
copy of the web site locally, he can change any Javascript funciton ,
then chnage the Action attribute in the form tag to point to the same
page again, & it will submit .

My question is: i want to access my website only within my web site
links or
requests, i don't want to accept the previous scenario, also i don't
want to
accept any custom http request come out of my internal web site.
i can't depend on HTTP Reffer , because it's easily can be change
http sniffing tools or Packets editor tools.
any Advice ???