Re: RedirectFromLoginPage wont redirect

well - what RedirectFromLoginPage internally does is this:


split it up in these two operations to see where the problem is more easily....

Dominick Baier (

I have a web application that uses Forms Authentication. The first
version of the web application has been working fine. Clients on the
internet can hit my site using my IP Address in the URL such as
http://66.62.871.1/MyVirtualFolder/webpage.aspx. The login page gets
displayed as expected. The user puts in UN and PW. My code
authenticates and then I call RedirectFromLoginPage(sUsrName, false);
This was all working fine until the day I updated the site with new
aspx files and dll. Now, when a user hits my site using the IP
address, the RedirectFromLoginPage does not redirect. The login page
remains. If, however, I am in my LAN and use
http://serverName/MyVirtualFolder/webpage.aspx the page redirects as

There is an exception to this, however. If I use the IP address from
my development computer everything works OK. This remains a mystery to

I initially thought that it had something to do with my file security.
To test that I set my web config file to use impersonation. I used the
server's Administrator name and PW as cridentials, however, this did
not help. I also, in desperation, gave "Everyone" full access to all
the web files. Still the same problem.

I have spent days trying to get to the bottom of this but am out of

I am still using 2003 with runtime 1.1

Can someone out there help?